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If you’re looking for something a little bit different for your wedding reception, community or corporate event think about Henley on Thames based Daisy Ices.

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Daisy is a lovingly restored classic 1972 ice cream van decked out with bunting and supplying handmade ice cream, sorbets and retro ice lollies in fantastic flavours such as banoffee pie, honeycomb and champagne. “I need another freezer so that I can have all the flavours that I want.” said Tara Cole, founder and owner of Daisy Ices. “There are so many amazing flavours. The toffee apple flavour sells really well.”

After a career in television and theatre costumes Tara started a business making award winning, handmade chocolate. “I worked a lot with the wedding industry with the chocolate, so it was just a case of finding what would work as well in the summer as chocolate was working in the winter.

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“Daisy took off to such an extent that I pushed forward with that but I hope to resurrect the chocolate business during the winter, which will include gingerbread houses. “

Wherever Daisy Ices turns up you will find a big line of people wanting to taste her wares. Tara admitted that sometimes she stops looking up because of the huge queues. “I’m always grateful to people who stand in queues, I think it’s so kind of them to do that.” she said.

As part of the vintage image of Daisy Ices, Tara wears colourful 1950’s style dresses as she serves her treats. “The retro frocks just fit with what I’m doing. A vintage style ice cream van, so I feel I should be [vintage] as well.”

If you would like to invite Daisy Ices to an event you are hosting contact them at www.daisyicecreamvan.co.ukThere is also a Tumblr page where you can see the transformation of a 1972 Riley’s ice cream van into the truly iconic Daisy Ices – daisyices.tumblr.com.

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