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Running a community news website and magazine means that there’s rarely a dull moment, but sometimes I like to get some rest and recreation by doing some more work.

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When people ask me how I got into newspapers, the short answer is that I’ve always been making newspapers. As a child, playtime involved sitting at Dad’s typewriter with a green visor on making my own papers on scrap paper. 

The longer answer is that I grew up fascinated by the regional television listings in the Daily Telegraph and then the Radio Times – which used to appear in our house only at Christmas and would be neatly folded with the TV Times, back in the days when you needed two magazines to tell you what was on all three channels that were on offer to us at the time. 

There is one television programme that captured the imagination just as much as the Radio Times listings did: Doctor Who. 

One of my earliest memories is of Leela discovering a blooded robot hand from the 1977 Tom Baker serial The Robots of Death, a show broadcast when I was 18 months old. The vivid image was remembered long after the story had been and gone (no videos in those days) so it was with amazement that I discovered it again, just as I’d remembered, when the VHS was hired from the video shop in the late 1980s (be kind, rewind!)

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So this self-indulgent post combines two things: my love for the Radio Times of my youth and my favourite TV show, all done as a chance to have a breather from day-to-day busy-ness. 

It shows what this week’s Radio Times cover could look like had it been published any time between 1972 and 1989. Goodness, that’s a bit of trivia for you. Enjoy! 

Next week is press week – and for that a time machine would come in very useful. 


Radio Times May 2014

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